1. Post your book

Create a free seller account and upload some basic information about your book.

2. Connect with the buyer

When someone buys your book, you will receive a notification along with their contact information. It’s your responsibility to connect with them within 48 hours to arrange a meetup.

3. Get paid

Once delivery of the book is confirmed, you will receive the proceeds of your sale by e-transfer. On Page Exchange, you keep 80% of the sale price.

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You deserve a fair deal when selling your textbooks.

That’s why Page Exchange offers what we believe is the best rate of any textbook re-sale platform. When you sell your books on Page Exchange, you keep 80% of the proceeds. That’s an estimated two to eight times more money in your pocket based on the alleged rates of return of bookstores and buyback services.

Plus, you’re in control of the whole process, from start to finish. Set your own price, post as many books as you want, and get paid promptly.

Seller's rate of return

Seller’s guide: Page Exchange 101

How do I get started?

  • Create a free account. You’ll be asked to fill in some basic contact information.
  • After registering, you’ll be taken to your seller dashboard (see screenshot below). This is the main hub from which you’ll manage your Page Exchange sales. You can access this page directly at any time by logging into your account.

How do I post a book for sale?

  • To post a book for sale on Page Exchange, click the Sell Your Textbooks button at the top of the dashboard.
  • You will be taken to the book submission form. Please fill in the required fields to provide some information about your book.
    • Name and Email should be pre-populated based on your account. If necessary, you can update this information in the form.
    • Book Title: Provide the book title.
    • Book Cover: Upload a photo of the book cover.
    • Book Description: Write a few words about the book, including any damage or other concerns.
    • Price: Set a price for your book in Canadian dollars. On Page Exchange, you receive 80% of the sale price of your books.
    • Book Condition: Indicate the approximate condition of the book.
    • Author (optional): Enter the author’s name, if applicable.
    • Subject Area (optional): Enter the field of study most closely related to the book. Select “Uncategorized” if you cannot find a match.
    • Course Code (optional): Enter the course code associated with this book, if applicable.
  • Click Submit. Your book will be reviewed by a member of our team. You will receive an email confirmation when your book is approved and listed on the site.

What happens when someone buys my book?

  • First of all, congratulations on the sale! When someone buys your book, you will receive an email notifying you of the sale and providing the buyer’s contact information.
  • You will be responsible for contacting the buyer within 48 hours to arrange an exchange in an agreed-upon safe area.
  • Once you have successfully delivered the book to the buyer, click the Confirm Delivery button in your confirmation email and complete the brief form.
  • Your funds will be e-transferred as soon as both parties have confirmed delivery.
  • You can review your sales through the Orders tab in your dashboard.

How do I get paid?

  • The proceeds of your sale (80% of the selling price) will be e-transferred to you once you and the buyer have confirmed that the book has been delivered.

What are my responsibilities as a seller?

  • You are responsible for contacting buyers within 48 hours of a sale to arrange an exchange.
  • You are responsible for delivering the book to the buyer promptly at a safe, mutually agreed-upon location.
  • You are responsible for ensuring all books you sell are accurately described and depicted. The book title and condition listed in your store must match the product delivered to the buyer.
  • You are responsible for ensuring customer satisfaction and addressing any questions or concerns related to sales made through Page Exchange.