Page Exchange is the fairest way for Manitoba students to buy and sell used textbooks

Our Story

As a former struggling student, I felt frustrated at getting an unfair price for my used textbooks, so I created a simple, straightforward, and trustworthy way for you as students and lifelong learners to make money from your used textbooks. If you’re like a lot of other students, you either left your used textbooks to collect dust in a pile in the corner of your room, tried to sell them on Kijiji or Facebook Marketplace, or received pennies for these books you paid a lot of money for when selling them back to bookstores or used textbook buy-back websites. I decided to create a hub that is “for the students, by the students”, where you can easily search amongst a vast selection of textbooks posted by your fellow students and meet up to exchange a book that you bought or sold through the website.

More and more students are turning to selling their textbooks themselves due to frustration and dissatisfaction from not getting a fair bargain when trying to sell to textbook buy-back services and bookstores. You should receive a fair price for your books you spent your hard-earned money on rather than large corporations reaping the benefits! Instead of receiving generally 10-20% of your money back from a textbook you paid over $100 brand new for at a bookstore, wouldn’t you rather receive 80% back of what you sell your book for through Page Exchange?

If you’d like to find out more about whether Page Exchange is right for you, check out our testimonials from other students like you who have tried out the service! We’re here to support you every easy step of the way! Refer to our step-by-step buy and sell process, and feel free to email us at if you have any additional questions or concerns. We can’t wait for you to become a Page Exchanger!

Why become a Page Exchanger?

  • Support local.

    • Created by students for students. Supporting one another!
  • Environmental sustainability.

    • Reduce packaging and reuse books rather than buying new to sustain our environment
  • Sellers make most of the profit.

    • Why sell to big book corporations who profit from your sales, leaving you with little to nothing? Now, YOU get to control how much money you get for your textbooks.
  • Simple, step-by-step buying and selling process with additional support through email and tutorials.

    • As a buyer, easy-to-use search functions and tags allow you to narrow down your search for your desired book. As a seller, detailed instructions help you set up your account and sell your books.
  • The new hub for buying and selling pre-owned textbooks.

    • Page Exchange is the major online platform where students like you can buy and sell books to and from one another in one place. Why waste time and resources hoping to sell a one-off book on Facebook marketplace, Kijiji, or through antiquated posters? Now, all students know where to turn to when they want to buy or sell textbooks!
  • Service is available all year round.

    • Rather than only being able to sell back your books to bookstores several times per year, with Page Exchange you can post your books at any time.
  • See the condition of the books online.

    • At other textbook buy-back services and bookstores, you have to trust that the textbook you’d like to purchase is in good condition, whereas at Page Exchange, you get to see and read about the condition of the textbook you’d like to purchase ahead of time.
  • No coming into the store to search for inventory, waiting in line, or being put on a wait list.

    • Since Page Exchange is exclusively online, you don’t have to continually come into a physical store to see if the book you are waiting for has come in; you can search for your desired book all day, every day without leaving the comfort of your own home/office/library.
  • Purchase at your convenience.

    • Whether you are at your desktop computer in your office or scrolling through your phone on the bus, you can purchase your desired textbooks whenever or wherever suits you.
  • No need to deal with cash.

    • Make selling and purchasing safe and easy by paying online through PayPal or credit card (buyers) and receiving money directly to your bank account by e-transfer (sellers) without the need to exchange cash or cheque.
  • Make new friends!

    • You may find out you have more than just a mutual interest in Marketing 101 when you go to exchange your book with its next owner.


At Page Exchange, our mission is to facilitate accessible and affordable education by providing a trusted and convenient online platform for used textbook exchange.

We are dedicated to empowering students and learners by connecting them with a vast network of individuals looking to buy and sell their used textbooks, fostering a sustainable and cost-effective approach to acquiring knowledge. Through our user-friendly interface and transparent marketplace, we strive to enhance educational opportunities, reduce financial barriers, and promote the reuse and circulation of learning materials.

We are revolutionizing education by helping students buy and sell their textbooks in an environmentally sustainable way and honest means at fair prices. By connecting students through the power of technology, we are transforming the way textbooks are accessed. Our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction drives us to continually innovate and optimize our services, ensuring that every user benefits from a seamless and rewarding textbook exchange experience.

Together, we can transform the way textbooks are accessed, making education more hands-on and environmentally friendly.

*A portion of the proceeds from Page Exchange will be donated to support environmental sustainability focused organizations.


At Page Exchange, we envision a world where knowledge flows freely, barriers to education are dismantled, and every learner has access to affordable learning materials.

We strive to be the leading online destination for textbook exchanges, empowering students to connect with one another, reduce educational costs, and promote sustainability through the reuse of valuable learning resources. Our vision extends to beyond simple transactions; we aim to foster a vibrant community where learners come together, collaborate, and support one anothers’ academic journeys.

We are driven by a passion for equitable education, and our vision is rooted in the belief that everyone deserves an opportunity to learn and grow. By providing a convenient, reliable, and affordable solution for textbook exchanges, we aim to empower students and educators to unlock their full potential and make education more accessible for all.

Together, let us build a brighter future where knowledge is shared, barriers are overcome, and education becomes a gateway to limitless possibilities.